Quilted Joy has added to it's collection of Paper Pantographs! Check out the new designs available now!

Do you ever find yourself needing to freshen things up a bit? I was feeling that way about some of the paper pantographs available in the shop. So I’ve changed things up, and now have some exciting new designs available for you! For our longarm renters, don’t be worried. All your old favorites are still here for you to use, you’ll just also have access to a baker’s dozen additional new designs.

Quilted Joy has added to it's collection of Paper Pantographs! Check out the new designs available now!

When picking the new designs, we tried to keep the same mix of themes that we had before. If we were removing a flower design, we tried to replace it with another flower design, and so forth. I think that you will find a design that will work for every quilt top out there.

Chamomile Paper Pantograph, Cottonwood Paper Pantograph, and Keryn's Bellflower Paper Pantograph

The new floral designs are Chamomile, Cottonwood, and Keryn’s Bellflower.  Chamomile is this sweet classic five petalled blossom with swirls around it. I can see it being used to great effect on a little girl’s or any feminine quilt. Keryn’s Bellflower would also look great on a child’s quilt, though the tulip shape brings to mind the classic Pennsylvania dutch designs. This one would look amazing on a classic style quilt top. Cottonwood is a series of trilobed puffs that remind you of cotton flowers. Being that it is not a more classic flower shape, this pantograph could be used for any number of quilts, including more masculine designs.

Oh My Feathers Paper Pantograph, Lida Paper Pantograph, Lorien's Phoenix Paper Pantograph, and Mandarin Lace Paper Pantograph

Besides keeping our most popular feathered designs, we’re incorporating four new ones. Oh My Feathers is a fun feathered design that is rather open without backtracking. That’s Oh My Feathers quilted out in the picture below. This would look good on classic designed quilts as well as quilts with open space where the quilting speaks the most.

Detail of Oh My Feathers pantograph quilted on a quilt

We are also getting a design called Lida which is much simpler but still feathery. Lida would look good in a number of places, including a child’s quilt of any gender. Lorien’s Phoenix is much more sophisticated. At only eight inches tall it’s a bit more dense and reminds me of the baroque period with its swirls and branches. Mandarin Lace is a little bit between those last two. More open and simple than the Phoenix, but more detailed than the repeated curves of Lida. Another great choice for quilts of any gender.

Bolero Paper Pantograph, Canopy Paper Pantograph, Seamless Paper Pantograph, Cadence Paper Pantograph

We are receiving a handful of meandering type pantographs as well. Bolero is curvy and rope like, while Canopy resembles leaves. Seamless is a simple meander with some loops thrown in for good measure. We had to choose Cadence considering Louisville is my hometown. Cadence has a nice little Fleur de Lys in the center of flame-like swirls.

Swirly Stars Paper Pantograph, Whole Lotta Love Paper Pantograph

Of course no selection would be complete without some patriotic stars and fun hearts. Swirly Stars is just what the title says it is, stars mixed with lots of swirls. It reminds me a bit of Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Whole Lotta Love is a mass of hearts which would be cute on a little girl’s or a wedding quilt.

With all our new designs, we decided to update all our pantograph packs as well. Click here to see the paper pantograph packages! A popular post to pin, our recommended pantos for Newbies was updated to reflect our new selection. Check it out here. Whatever your quilt top is, between the old favorites that we still have, and the newer designs we’re adding, you’ll find something that will compliment it beautifully.

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