Make: Big Ironing Board Station with Storage

DIY Ironing Table by QuiltedJoy.com

DIY Ironing Table by QuiltedJoy.comThis post is one in a series showing some of the easy handmade sewing furniture in my new studio.

I love this ironing station. It is big and wide and allows me to iron yardage without the weird triangle that is the normal shape of most ironing boards.

The top of this table is a simple plywood rectangle which I covered in foil, a layer of cotton batting and some cotton muslin. The fabric is just stapled to the underside of the top.

DIY Ironing Table by QuiltedJoy.comThere is a shelf just below the surface where I keep baskets with my scraps and strips.

The bottom is big enough for two of those rolling storage bins you can get at Walmart.

DIY Ironing Table by QuiltedJoy.comThe sides are pegboard which gives me great hanging storage space for all those rulers I love.

Pretty cool, eh?

I have other sewing furniture items that I’ve made myself. You might like to see my BIG ironing board station complete with storage.

Or, check out the table I made for my sewing machine from an old kitchen table.

Or, check out the cutting table made from an old ping pong table that has peg board storage for my rulers.

I have a cutting station I made for my Die Cutter out of recycled cabinetry that is pretty cool too!

Are you looking for instructions on how to make your own design wall? Check out my tutorial here!

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  1. Great organization! I am enjoying reading about your studio and seeing your photos.

    Guess what I discovered yesterday … I was having a little problem with my Millennium bobbin, and lo & behold, I started trying to figure out what was the deal, and I realized I was using a bobbin case that has no check spring inside. So, I tried to put one from another bobbin case in it, and it won't go. I think the bobbin case has a flaw that keeps the spring from fitting. Do you think APQS would replace it for me since I got it from them? (just shows how observant I am, doesn't it)

    I don't comment on blogs so much anymore, but I do follow along and read as much as possible, and I stop by regularly. :))

    Have a great Friday!

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