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DIY Sewing Machine Table by QuiltedJoy.com
DIY Sewing Machine Table by QuiltedJoy.com

This post is one of a series showing some of the handmade sewing furniture in my quilting studio.

This table used to be an old kitchen table that had wobbly metal legs. New wooden posts were added for legs.

A hole was cut to match the dimensions of a plexiglass cabinet insert that I bought from Dream World. My machine uses cards that insert for the different stitches. A slightly routed out area was included to the right of the machine hole to allow those cards to slide in and out freely.


DIY Sewing Machine Table by QuiltedJoy.comThe shelf that hangs from that hole came from some old wood from the kidlet’s playground planking. It is positioned so that my machine sits level with the table top. It is hard to get that measurement perfect so I have a few magazines under my machine to help it get to the absolute perfect height.

The next time you are at a used furniture store take a second look at those used tables. You may be looking at some fantastic sewing furniture in disguise!

I have other sewing furniture items that I’ve made myself. You might like to see my BIG ironing board station complete with storage.

Or, check out the cutting table made from an old ping pong table that has peg board storage for my rulers.

I have a cutting station I made for my Die Cutter out of recycled cabinetry that is pretty cool too!

Are you looking for instructions on how to make your own design wall? Check out my tutorial here!

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  1. Very imaginative and smart. I was looking for a table that could fit in the area of 40X20″ with universal purpose in mind especially for my new sewing machine since I decided to achieve a new level of independence for clothing repairs and other projects. It’s not for every man but I have been a creative individual all my life so it’s just part of it. Be well and all the best.

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