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I am in the process of setting up my new studio at our new home and I had to break down my cutting table. I thought you might like to see some photos of it as it was simply made from 2x4s and an old ping pong tabletop.

There is storage space under the top for the plastic drawer stacks you can buy at Walmart. I keep a lot of fabric here.

The whole thing is on locking casters so I can push it around my studio whenever I need a tad more space.

There is pegboard on one end so I can hang rulers and other tools. Ignore the polyester batt. That was leftover from something else. I don’t use that in my customer quilts or my personal quilts either.

The top is covered now in one of those big white cutting mats so I have tons of room to lay out customer quilts for trimming.

The only perplexing thing is that when I broke it down to move it, somehow the table is now 3″ higher than it once was. I must have put the top on the legs wrong. The thought of redoing it makes me woozy but I’m afraid it is either that or I need to wear stilts in the studio. 🙂

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Or, check out the table I made for my sewing machine from an old kitchen table.

I have a cutting station I made for my Die Cutter out of recycled cabinetry that is pretty cool too!

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