Renter Roundup February Edition

February Renter Round-up

February is winding down and Spring is just around the corner.  I don’t know about you but I’m looking forward to the end of winter.  I’ve noticed that a lot of the quilts coming in seem to be sharing that sentiment.  We’ve seen a lot of bright spring colors recently.  I think it’s an attempt to warm the soul, not just the body.  

LeAnn's Wedding Quilt of Color, Creativity, and Charm
Leanne's Quilt

This lovely coral and seagreen piece is from LeAnn.  She made it for her granddaughter for her wedding.  These are the colors she wanted, but LeAnn picked the fabric.  She found this lovely line of Asian inspired landscapes.   If you look closely, you’ll find cranes and cherry blossoms.  I like the quilt pattern as well.  It is simple, but bold white vertical blocks just adds a lot of interest.  The quilting pattern that we picked for this was paying homage to the blossoms in the fabric.  But we didn’t want to go traditional flowers as this quilt is anything but traditional.  She used a pantograph called Flower Child.  It’s a lot of easy loops that form the shape of a flower, but without the detail.  Just stunning!

Jean's Springtime Serenade

This next quilt is from Jean.  I really like the colors of the fabrics she chose.  The soft greens and blues bring the softness of spring to mind.  When I asked her if she was giving this one away she smiled and said no.  This one is for her.  It matches her guest bedroom and she’s keeping it.  We quilted it with a pantograph called Champagne which as a lot of lovely bubbles.  I think that turned so nice. 

Jean's Quilt
Cindy's Quilt: A Study in Precision and Illusion
Cindy's Quilt

This last quilt is from Cindy.  Angela recognized it immediately as a quilt that her friend Sara designed for Love of Quilting.  Quilts like these have always fascinated me.  The pieces are not curved, but when worked together you get the curved effect.  They look so complicated, but there is only two blocks, both of which have V Blocks, half square triangles, and four patches.  Of course, Cindy did an awesome job of it. Look at all those points!    We quilted it West Wind in Autums with gold thread.  It turned out amazing!

So that’s our February this year.  We’ve been busier than ever, but there just isn’t time to show you all of them.  With the warmer weather coming soon, I’m curious to see how that translates to the quilts we see.  Will be they be warmer colors and thinner batting? Or will people crave what they do not have and bring in cooler colors and thicker fabrics?  Time will tell.  We’d also love to see what you have been working on.  Connect with us on Facebook and / or Instagram.  Join the Clubhouse and quilt with us!


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