GREAT Turnout for QDO Lexington!

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Take a look at this photo- do you see all those people. Guess who they are? QUILTERS!! My favorite kind of people! Can you see who is up on stage in front of all of them?? ME!

Have Angela speak at your next guild event

I was invited to be the guest speaker at the Kentucky Quilter’s Day Out Event in Lexington, Ky a couple of weekends ago. I brought two huge piles of quilts for the trunk show and had a bunch of photos to share my creative journey with this welcoming group.

Angela shows off a quilt during the trunk show at QDO LexingtonI even brought my very first quilt I ever made so that they can see that my first quilt was a real stinker! I think some folks assume I popped into the world able to quilt like mad but I started just where everyone else starts and through practice, I was able to grow my skills.

My daughter tells me the photo of me speaking with the microphone looks more like I was auditioning for American Idol. I’m sure everyone was thankful they didn’t have to suffer through any of my singing. Instead, I walked them through all the ways quilting has been a lifeline in my world.

Have Angela speak at your next guild event.

Afterwards I got to meet so many fabulous folks. I got hugs and pictures and pats on the back. It was a HIGHLY enjoyable Saturday afternoon.

Angela speaking with quilters at QDO Lexington

If you are looking for a speaker or teacher for your guild or gathering, please head over to my Lectures & Classes page to see the classes I can offer to your group. My calendar fills up quite far in advance, though. You can send me an email through my website’s contact me page if you have any questions!

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