More Quilting Lovelies from the Columbus NQA Show

This is part 2 of a two part post. Part 1 can be found here. 

Here are some more stunners to share with you from the recent NQA quilt show in Columbus, Ohio.

longarm quilting
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It was made by Jackie Aguilar. I love how she used the applique to provide a border boundary of color around the outside of the quilt.

used longarm machines
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Her quilting is fun and whimsical, just like the piecing. The entire quilt speaks with one voice and it makes me happy to look at it.

louisville longarm
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long arm quilt
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The next quilt is also an applique quilt but a much more traditional voice. It was made by Merna Hilkert. I find it compelling. I think it is because of the uniformity of the crosshatching alongside the perfectly round cherries. It looked like it was all needle turned applique and I’m pretty sure it was hand quilted too. There is so much to love with this quilt!

Hand quilted applique
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applique cherry
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I wonder if she counted how many of those circles she had to make? I bet she did- I know I would have!

Applique quilt longarm
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This is part 2 of a two part post. You can find part 1 here with more quilts from the 2013 Columbus, Oh show.

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  1. I too have that cherry quilt on my bucket list! It was made in 1938 by my fellow Nabraskan, Grace Snyder. She called it “Mrs. McGill’s Cherries” and since my mother (who was also a quilter) had the maiden name of McGill….well, you can see why I love it so much! More info on the quilt from the IQSC website:
    ‘Mrs. McGill’s Cherries’ first appeared in a little known magazine called Land O’ Nod published by Lockport Batting Company in 1938. Designed by Anne Orr, a noted quilt designer and magazine editor, this quilt pattern was later included in the Lockport Pattern Quilting Book.

    Grace’s version of ‘Mrs. McGill’s Cherries’ required 504 rounded cherries to complete the design. According to family members, she skillfully appliquéd each beautifully formed cherry in the symmetrical design using unmarked circles for the cherries and placing them exactly on the quilt according to her visual instincts. Grace quilted “1938” into the cream background.

  2. Hi Angela,
    I’m very happy that you enjoyed my quilt. It has been juried into a special exhibit in Houston at IQA in Oct.
    Called “IN FULL BLOOM 2013” then it will travel through 2014 to other IQA shows. I hope other viewers enjoy it as much as you did.
    Thank You, Jackie

  3. I have a clover circle maker and cut the circles out of freezer paper and ironed them on my fabric. I had drawn a template on a piece of plastic with a sharpie copied this wit a pencil ironed the freezer paper onto material and cut the cherries out about 1/4 inch larger and then appliqued them. Went to back of work with small sissors cut and removed freezer worked well

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