BirdMan’s Quilting Entry

My kidlets have decided to enter a national quilting competition. The prizes include a Wii, digital cameras and MP3 players. I’m pretty sure that the prizes they are giving away had a lot to do with their decision to enter.

BirdMan started with a great focus fabric that centers on birds which I got from my friend Faye. His siblings then helped him pick out some great companion fabrics. I found an absolute beginner pattern called Mine Shaft online and cut his fabrics for him.

He got busy piecing the top and it went together so fast so he didn’t get bored. He was so proud of his work!

Then we loaded it on the longarm and he put loopies in a dark green thread. I have a hydraulic lift on my machine so I could lower the frame down for his height. I wish I could take my kidlets with me to shows when I demo longarm machines. Watching an 11 year old use a longarm machine would take the fear out of stand up quilting for a lot of people!

He hasn’t used my APQS Millennium since his State Fair Entry a couple years ago. He was nervous but took to it right away.

In my next post I’ll share RocketMan and GooseyGirl’s creation!

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