The Wonder of One Block Wonders

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Cheri's One Block Wonder quilt after renting a longarm quilting machine at Quilted Joy

Since Maxine Rosenthal published her One Block Wonder book, it has become a very popular quilt style. The technique takes a single fabric and creates hexagons that resemble a view through a kaleidoscope. The concept is quite simple, but the results look amazing and so complicated! Check out how our longarm machine renters were able to finish their quilts.

A Wine One Block Wonder

Amy and Linda show off their quilts after renting a longarm machine

This is Amy and Linda (Linda is hiding behind her quilt). The quilt on the left is not a One Block Wonder. Because this was their first time quilting on the longarms, Amy brought some cute Halloween Cat fabric instead of a quilt top. She chose the Shooting Star Pantograph and it looks great with the Halloween themed fabric. Because the birthplace of Champagne is France, Linda quilted her sparkling wine bottle One Block Wonder with Cadence, a pantograph covered with fleur de lis. How very french!

Rhonda’s Class Model

Rhonda's One Block Wonder quilt after renting a longarm machine at Quilted Joy

Rhonda was preparing to teach a class about the One Block Wonder to her quilt guild. So she made this as the sample quilt. Isn’t it great? I love purple. She kept with the floral theme by quilting some more flowers on top of this. Bell Blossom is a very pretty design by Hermione Agee. Because the five pointed flower can look almost like a poinsettia, customers have chosen this design for Christmas quilts as well as spring quilts.

Cheri’s One Block Wonders

Cheri's One Block Wonder quilt after renting a longarm quilting machine at Quilted Joy

Cheri was also a rental certification student with a One Block Wonder. She chose to quilt this sweet pink creation with the design board, Sweet Hearts. It is a popular design board we have here for our renters. The cute little hearts linked to flowers adds a lot of whimsical texture that looks great on any number of quilts. Because the hearts and flowers are linked in a deep chevron pattern that interlinks with the neighboring rows, you don’t get a linear feel from this design.

Cheri's One Block Wonder quilt after renting a longarm quilting machine at Quilted Joy
Cheri's One Block Wonder quilt after renting a longarm quilting machine at Quilted Joy

This is the second quilt from Cheri. She told me the first one block wonder quilt was practice for this one. You can see that she not only added some larger borders, but she appliqued some flowers in the corners. Doesn’t it look amazing with that lighter color pouring over the top of the darker borders? She quilted this with another floral pantograph that we have here in the shop. Toss Up is like Sweet Hearts in that it is a fun and whimsical floral pattern that brings a little light hearted fun to a quilt. I think it turned out amazing.

If you google One Block Wonder, you will find tons of pictures of quilts like these. Even though the block is constructed exactly the same, no two quilts are alike. We’d love to see what you come up with. Tag us on instagram with #QuiltedJoy or #QuiltedJoyClubhouse.

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