Kathy’s Polka Dot Pineapple Block Quilt

Pineapple block quilt with bright polka dot fabrics

The Polka Dot Pineapple Block Quilt. Try saying that one three times fast! 🙂

Pineapple block quilt with bright polka dot fabrics

Isn’t Kathy’s pineapple block quilt just fabulous? I’ve had the pleasure of quilting Kathy’s quilts for a few years now and each one is so delightful. We must have the same taste in fabric, color, and pattern because I want to run away with each of her quilts.

But this quilt in particular had me swooning. Why? Because POLKA DOTS! I don’t know what it is about polka dots, but they make my heart sing.

Pineapple block quilt with bright polka dot fabrics

To quilt Kathy’s pineapple block quilt, we took inspiration from those polka dot fabrics. This quilt was calling for some bubbles in the the quilting. We landed on one of my absolute favorite edge to edge designs, the double bubble.

Millie Longarm Machine with Intelliquilter quilting a pineapple block with bright colorful fabrics

I quilted the double bubble with the Intelliquilter on my Millie longarm machine, but you could just as easily quilt this freehand too! Check out this video tutorial on the hooked olive filler design. The hooked olive is a variation on the double bubble. I think this video will give you some great inspiration on ways to make this design your own.

The thread I used was white Glide thread. Glide is my absolute favorite thread! It’s original purpose was for machine embroidery, so it has a lovely shine to it. That high sheen is perfect for more modern quilts like Kathy’s where it can sparkle on the quilt.

Pineapple block quilt with bright polka dot fabrics

Kathy decided to try out a new batting for her pineapple block quilt. She is a cotton batting lover, so I was excited to show her the Quilter’s Dream Cotton Deluxe. This batting is a little thicker than the Hobbs 100% cotton batting we’ve used in the past and it feels super soft. I haven’t tried it yet on any of my quilts, but a lot of my longarm machine renters are in love with it! I can’t wait to hear how Kathy likes it.

Michael Miller 108" Luxe Wide Backs Vine Maze Dalmatian

If we needed further proof that Kathy and I have the same taste, I’m really loving the backing fabric she picked out too. It’s a 108″ wide fabric from Michael Miller called Vine Maze. Michael Miller calls their wide backs “Luxe Wide Backs” because they’re so silky.

Pineapple block quilt with bright polka dot fabrics

Didn’t Kathy’s polka dot pineapple block quilt turn out so nice? I think Kathy is going to love snuggling up with this quilt!

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