Computerized Quilting System

Intelliquilter, or IQ, is a robust intuitive computer system which will quickly expand your creative horizons. It can be added to any APQS machine except George. There are three different versions of IQ: The ClassiQ, The ClassiQ- LTE and the BasiQ. There are also pantograph only versions of IQ.

Using the IQ couldn’t be simpler! Click in the area you want quilted, select the pattern you desire and SEW! Everything you can dream, you can do. Get perfection from day one. 

Tablet Size

BasiQ= 10″ screen

ClassiQ LTE= 10″ screen

ClassiQ= 12″ screen


Over 400+

and an infinite number of computer generated designs


BasiQ+ $9,450
ClassiQ LTE $11,500
ClassiQ $12,500


as low as $202/mo for 60 mo*

Features of the IQ Computerized System

When stitching around applique you can tell IQ to drop in background fillers or crosshatching behind the applique but not to stitch on the applique

One simple button will switch from computerized to manual mode. No clamps to flip.

We normally get a handful of updates a year to the software all all come included with your purchase. You can see all of the updates that have rolled out each year on the Intelliquilter website.

Easily stretch and manipulate border designs down the sides of a quilt (even wonky ones!) all without ever turning a quilt! Match up your corners, bottom borders and sides with only a few buttons to push. Continuous borders have never been easier!

Thorough and extensive help provided on every screen explaining exactly what every button and setting will do.

Your education is vital. When you purchase from Quilted Joy you get access to over 6 hours of HD video instruction complete with downloadable patterns. The lessons are broken down into 10 minute chunks so they can be updated as the software changes. That way your training is always evergreen.

IQ moves your longarm at one continuous rate of speed. Because of that there is no need to engage your APQS stitch regulator. By leaving it off you preserve the life of your regulator while also getting perfectly even stitches from your IQ. 

Your motors come with obstruction detection units mounted on them so you can walk away from your machine without worry. These units will bring everything to a halt should the movement of your IQ become impeded in any way. For example, if you have a popped seam and your hopping foot gets caught in the seam, your IQ will stop. Never rip a quilt again!

Click and drag to pull out repeats of a pattern so you can follow the quilt’s seams precisely in your borders even with inconsistencies in the piecing. Training videos on this feature can be found here

There’s no giant computer tower or separate monitor. The entire system runs off a lightweight tablet that mounts to the nose of your machine.

IQ uses friction wheels to push and pull the machine along the table. No belts needed and no tightening of belts over time required.

There are many ways to do the same thing and our intuitive menus allow you to fell confident incredibly quickly.

Easily manipulate patterns using built in editing to copy, repeat, combine, rotate, scale

Setting up an all over, edge to edge pantograph couldn’t be simpler. Edit layouts with offset, interlocking, flipping and clipping at borders

Record the movement of the machine as a path and stitch out your recording. Or, use the geometric catalog to create your own designs.

Trace over a printed paper pantograph with your machine to record it for stitching. Easily convert all of your existing paper patterns to a digitized file so you can stitch them on your projects.

The IQ community and family of dealers produces mountains of training videos. You can see them over at this website to learn more about specific features of IQ.

Installation Kits Needed For APQS Bliss and Hydraulic Lifts


Because Bliss moves so easily you will need a bracket for your carriage so you can maintain accuracy while running at very high rates of speed.


Your hydraulic lift will need to be hung from your table differently so as not to impede the movement of the IQ rollers.

Intelliquilter on Millennium

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Angela Huffman is the co-host of Fons and Porter’s Love of Quilting PBS show. She is an Blue Ribbon longarm quilter, national APQS Educator, APQS Dealer and a certified APQS tech. She has been longarm quilting for 12+ years and is a recognized expert in the field. As your dealer, Angela guide your longarm adventure and be there to support you in every way.

Call or email Angela Huffman. Or, schedule your test drive below!

(502) 718-7148

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Why Buy From Quilted Joy?

Susan J

Susan J

In every interaction with her she has been very responsive, super nice, and amazingly knowledgeable!

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We purchased our IQ from Angela. In every interaction with her she has been very responsive, super nice, and amazingly knowledgeable! Now we are using her video instructions and learning the system. Angela is tops in her profession and I'm so glad we were able to work with her.

Roni C

Roni C

She goes above and beyond for her customers.

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Simply a wonderful experience!!!!!!!!! What a pleasure to work with Angela. She goes above and beyond for her customers.

Book Boy

Book Boy

I love her approach to teaching.

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I love her approach to teaching. She shares her knowledge with a goal of helping her students achieve their goals.

Cheryl A

Cheryl A

I've received excellent training and prompt response when I have had questions.

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I've received excellent training and prompt response when I have had questions. I've enjoyed the longarm group that meets monthly as well as the Facebook group and YouTube videos.


If you purchase your IQ from Quilted Joy, you will receive access to over 6 hours of online video instructions along with a package of free digital patterns!

View some of the free tutorial videos available from Quilted Joy.

Purchase over 6 hours of online IQ video instructions from Quilted Joy.

Here's a 2-part video tour of the IQ mounted to a standard Millennium:

IntelliQuilter Comparison Chart

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