Video Tutorial: Pointed Peacock Party

Video Tutorial of the Pointed Peacock Party filler quilting design

It’s been a while since my last blog, but I’m hoping you can forgive me. As you might have noticed there have been some big changes to the site in the past week. It was a stressful couple of days, but we made it through with only a couple of hiccups. I’m loving the new look, and I hope you do too!

To reward you for your patience, I wanted to share my latest video tutorial for APQS. Lately I’ve been in love with paisleys and peacocks. My newest design brings them together. Paisleys are a traditional design but it’s so easy to add a little twist to make them more funky and modern. For the Pointed Peacock Party I added a little pointed curl to the center of that paisley, giving it that peacock feather look. With echoing I’m able to travel throughout the space, creating a lovely and dense filler. Don’t be afraid to give this one a try! It may look a little intimidating at first, but once you break it down it’s really quite simple! Check out the video below.

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