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Angela on the set of Love of Quilting with guest host Patrick Lose -
It is always a thrill to get on a plane and head to the studios where the Fons and Porter show is taped. The crew and staff know just how to make my nerves melt away. This year I had the thrill of working with the incredible Patrick Lose who hosted the program. I’ve certainly read his magazine and seen his own show, but I’d never had the chance to meet him in person. What a sweetheart!
Angela Huffman and Patrick Lose on the Love of Quilting set -
The topic of my episode is all about using paper pantographs on a longarm quilting machine. When I travel around the country it always tickles me to see the light bulb go off in people’s heads when they realize that you can simply use a laser light to follow a paper pattern with the machine. I guess folks think that using a longarm must be difficult or that you have to have natural talent to operate the machine. They are always thrilled to learn how easy it can be to stitch a beautiful design on their quilt tops.
Angela Huffman and Patrick Lose on the Love of Quilting set -
In the episode I talk about how to audition quilting designs, how to store paper patterns, and how to hold the longarm machine when working from the back. We even touch on the use of design boards to add training wheels to the machine making it super simple to use.
Of course, these are all things the renters here in Louisville also enjoy. Perhaps you’d like to try using a longarm machine to finish your own quilts? We’d love to show you how easy it really is with the gadgets and goodies that help anyone get a picture perfect quilt.
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We’d love to see you in the shop and we’d love to show you how easy it is to use a longarm machine!
Angela took Arlene's batik quilt to the Fons & Porter setAngela took Pam's embroidered baby quilt to the Fons & Porter set

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