The Opryland Hotel

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Quilting Inspiration: The Opryland Hotel

pinit fg en rect gray 28 I have fallen in love with the city of Nashville.  I love everything about it and I’m hoping my kids get into Vanderbilt for college so I have more excuses to spend time there!  On a recent trip I had fun exploring the Opryland Hotel where I tripped over this window for a restaurant they had in the hotel.  Don’t you love it?  Can’t you see this as a quilting design?

The floral motif in this window would make a great quilting design!

I like the birds, but that isn’t the part that drew my eye.  Instead, I love the floral motif!

This flower design would make a great quilting design!


This central flower can be bent into so many things!  Here’s a border idea and a triangle setting idea.  Take a look at the shape and break out your sketchbook.  What design ideas can you come up with?  I also see a wonderful filler design in there.  Do you see it?  Let’s go play!

Border design and triangle setting inspired by a window at The Opryland Hotel

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  1. I appreciate how you not only showed us your inspiration (something I’ve seen many bloggers do), but also how to use it; how to apply it to quilting designs! It’s a nice little tutorial. Thank you.

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