Back on the Set of Fons & Porter

Angela with Mary on the Fons & Porter set

Last week I traveled to the Fons & Porter TV show set to record my fifth appearance on their show.  I absolutely LOVE getting to work with the entire crew of this show.  They are all top notch and funny to boot!

Before I yak about the show, let me tell you about my rental car! 🙂  I love renting the cheapest smallest cars on the lot.  I drive around in my Mommy Minivan and I can’t express the little thrill I get when I am given the keys to a completely impractical teensy car that would never fit my life.  This is the clown car I was given at the Des Moines airport.  I almost broke out into a happy dance right there at the counter!

I love renting tiny cars while I'm traveling!

This time the episode was all about quilting feathers.  We talked about the hardest feather to make and how to avoid ever having to make that feather ever again.  We went through the anatomy of a feather and how to cheat when making feathers.  We also talked about finding your own personal favorite feather that you can make easily.

Angela on the set of Love of Quilting

20 minutes goes so fast and I know I talk fast during these shows, but there is just so much ground I want to cover with Mary.

Angela with Mary on the Fons & Porter set

Speaking of Mary, I wish you could each meet her personally.  She is a gem.  Really, a gem!  She is so nice and welcoming.  She has a way of making you feel like you’ve known here for years and that you are completely accepted in her presence.  If you have a chance, hop over to her blog and start reading her day in the life posts.  She is one of my favs!

The episode of Fons & Porter should air nationally starting this summer.  Check your local PBS schedules and keep an eye out for it!

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