Taping at Fons and Porter’s Love of Quilting Show!

Mary Fons and Angela Huffman
Mary Fons and Angela Huffman
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I just returned from a trip to Des Moines where I was a guest on the Fons & Porter’s show, “Love of Quilting”. Mary Fons was the host and it was so nice getting to know her better. She does such a great job helping keep things on track and encouraging everyone.

Mary Fons APQS
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The show featured an APQS Millennium and I used it to show multiple sashing designs that are simple for new machine quilters to do freehand.

APQS Love of Quilting
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I think the final total was around 14 different free motion designs and I walk through how to make each one.

Of course, I’m using a longarm in the show but the techniques would apply equally to a sit down quilting machine like the APQS George or even a regular sit down domestic.

Fons & Porter's APQS
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This was the second time I’ve been on the Fons and Porter show. I wasn’t as nervous this time. The entire crew is really great and we got the show done in one take. Plus, I did a tip section where I taught Mary how to hold the handles of a longarm machine.

I’m not sure when it will air but it should be sometime in the Spring. I’ll be sure to let everyone know.

Fons and Porter APQS
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Special thanks to Diane Cagnon-Ciolek, Linda Cull and Pam Shircliff who were gracious enough to allow me to use their quilts that I’d quilted for them on the show. They were perfect examples of good sashing design opportunities to use on the show.

Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting
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  1. Angela, This was such a great opportunity for you. Congraulations to you.
    I sure hope some day to get to see both episodes somewhere on TV. I could really use some ideas on doing designs for sashings and borders. I think you should do your own videos and sell them!

  2. Angela: I wanted to share with you that I (finally!) got to see you on Fons & Porter when I checked out the show that I recorded on the DVR. I wasn’t sure if it was the first or second time you were on F&P but I’m guessing it was the first since you and Mary looked different in it that in the photos in your post here. (clothing & hair) Anyway, I wanted to write that you were fabulous, you were poised and natural and did wonderfully! The topic of how to quilt a quilt was great. I saw Sandy’s quilt and thought to myself how special it was to see you on TV. Way cool, Angela! So happy for you!

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