Adventures in Dollywood

All those weeks I didn’t post over the summer were full of plenty of adventures. One of them was our trip to Dollywood.

I had never been to this theme park and while it is on the small side, it is FULL of fantastic coasters and lots of fun, smaller rides.

It was super hot so the water raft ride was a must. I tucked my iPhone into my belly so it wouldn’t get too wet. I was nervous but it came out just fine.

This park was the first time Emily got up the courage to ride a big coaster. They have a fantastic wooden coaster and she wound up riding it 10 times in a row. Thankfully the crowds were thin so she and her brothers just rode it over and over gawking at the souvenir photo camera each time they went around so they could giggle at themselves. She even rode the upside down coaster!

One of my favorite “rides” was Adventure Mountain. They put you in a harness and clip you into an overhead system of slots. You climb this three story obstacle course testing your balance and courage. Most of it is mental. You know the beam is perfectly wide enough to walk around but you are three stories up with no railing and you can see through to the bottom of the mountain. FREAKY!

We stayed with fellow APQS reps Kate and John Meyers and I was so thankful that they opened their home up to my children and I. They were fantastically welcoming and helpful. They gave me the opportunity to make some great memories with my kidlets. Plus, they have some really awesome pooches that the kids loved snuggling with. Thanks, Kate and John!!


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