Jennifer’s Embroidered Flower Garden

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Jfleur4Every time I do a beautiful embroidered quilt for someone it reminds me that I really need to learn more about my embroidery machine. Right now all I’m using it for is embroidered labels and it is capable of so much more!


Take a look at this beauty Jennifer made. Don’t you love how the embroidered flowers grow up over the square in a square and break out of the boundaries of that block?

I had fun with a freehand feather fill behind each flower to add movement and an organic quality to the flowers.

JpetalflowerstoneJborderThe sashing is a simple serpentine and the cornerstones are petal flowers.


I used a nice feather border design from One Song Needle Arts in the outside border. I can’t remember what it is called. The outside border corner stones are a scroll block that compliments the border design.

jfleur7If I knew anything at all about flowers I’d tell you what flowers were which blocks. I’m doing good to recognize a cone flower, a tulip and a poinsettia.


Gardening has never been my thing, though. Of course, this garden is more my style- no weeds, no dirt, and no hot sweaty manual labor.


Here are more of the flower blocks!




3 Responses

  1. I know a few of the flowers

    Row 1: _________ (maybe lady-slipper??), bleeding heart, daffodil/jonquil
    Row 2: tulip, iris, _________ (maybe camellia)
    Row 3: pansy, hollyhock (??), cone-flower
    Row 4: sunflower, anthurium, poinsettia

  2. These are always so pretty … I keep meaning to make a quilt like this on my machine, but then dread making the blocks and something happening.. and having to re-do the block. So, I'd make 'extra' blocks … then what to do w/ them if I don't screw one (or more) up? 😉

  3. Hmmm. Ida, what to do with extra blocks?
    Maybe a table runner or bed runner? Maybe a pillow or even framed art? A pillow made out of an extra flower block would be a good gift.
    Thanks for helping to identify the flowers!

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