Lancaster, PA Quilt Show


I spent last week in Lancaster, PA for the AQS quilt show. We set up the APQS longarm machines and got Intelliquilter all ready first then we hit the town and surrounding areas to do a little shopping. That’s where I ran into this little doggie in his stroller.

I had heard a lot about the Amish community and the beautiful hand crafted shops. I enjoyed seeing all the buggies run about on their errands. I loved the parking lots. There is a section for cars and a section for horses!

I found this tourist t-shirt that made me giggle. I sent a photo of it to my mom and let her know I’d found a great gift. She wasn’t impressed. 🙂

In one of the shops we found this ENORMOUS black Singer sewing machine. The original longarm! The needle it uses is gigantic. It must be used for sewing through leather or upholstrey. We looked really hard to try to find the bobbin to see if it was an “M” or an “L” size bobbin. From what we could see it was an “L” size!  That made me smile- that’s the size my longarm uses too.

I was shopping with my friend Lorraine and she has an addiction to all things Brighton. We went into a Brighton store and I found this necklace. I really like it but I haven’t worn jewlery like that in a while. I felt like my neck was being dragged down for a bit until I got used to it.

Oh, and on opening day of the quilt show I was interviewed live on their evening newscast. I have no idea if I spoke English or if anything I said was coherent. It was fun, though!

I met lots of wonderful people and reconnected with a bunch of quilters I hadn’t seen in a while. I’ll post photos of some of my favorite quilts in my next post.


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