RocketMan Finishes His National Quilting Competition Entry

RocketMan is already an award winning quilter. Two years ago he won a purple Best of Show ribbon at the Ky State Fair and a Blue ribbon too. He is fastidious enough to have very precise seam allowances and has a good eye for color.
He is entering this rail fence quilt he made in the Junior Division of the MQX show. He spent a long time picking out all the colors and told me he wanted it to look like a Kansas prairie on fire. He has never been to Kansas so I’m not sure where that came from but the colors he selected are pretty awesome none the less.
He did all the piecing after I cut the strips and used the design wall to lay out his blocks. It all went together super fast and he is incredibly pleased with his creation.
When it was time to load it on the longarm, he got a little nervous. I gave him Darlene Epp’s Pocket Guide books and he really liked her flames filler pattern. After drawing it on paper over and over he was ready to move to the fabric. I lowered the table on my frame with my hydraulic lift so it was at the right height for him. The stitch regulator allowed him to focus on his freehand pattern and he made some great looking flames!
He did such a great job!  I was really quite impressed with his quilting skills and I hope this quilt gets a ribbon at the MQX show in April.
All three kidlets are entering quilts they’ve done and I wish we could go to the show so they could see their creations hanging there with the “big” quilts. I looked at air fare to Providence for the four of us but it is just too expensive. If you go, get a photo of the juvenile quilts and send them to me, eh? I really want my kids to see their quilts with all those people gazing at them!  Next up, I’ll show you GooseyGirl’s quilt. Here is BirdMan’s entry if you missed that post.

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