Case Study Part 3: LeAnn’s Amish Sampler Quilt

This is part three of a design case study to show you how I walk through the process of designing the custom quilting on a quilt. You can find part one here and part two here. In this case, my client, LeAnn has selected a grouping of designs she likes through an online workbook I set up for her. You can see her design selections here.

I won’t be using all of these designs or even most of them. I’m using the design notebook so I can get a clear idea of the style of quilting LeAnn prefers and so that we can both be clear about the custom quilting she’ll have on her top.

You’ll have to click on the photos in this post to see the lines I’ve drawn in photoshop as I played around with placement because I used a light green to draw and you can’t the lines unless you click on the photos. The drawing I did in the first photo shows a traditional sampler custom quilt layout with each block getting an individual motif set in the blocks. Typically each block would be a different motif.

However, as I saw the strong diamond frame her piecing provided, I decided to play around with putting one massive motif in the center of the quilt. This would allow me to layer the quilting on top of the piecing as a completely separate element. It would give a whole new dimension to the quilting.

I sent this idea to LeAnn who gave it the green light. At that point I was ready to move to the machine. I use an APQS Millennium with a 26″ throat so I can cover a great deal of real estate in one pass. I loaded the top lengthwise on the frame so I could reduce the number of advances needed. I chalked out the top of the diagonal frame so I could keep it clear of stitching while I worked on the two outside borders.

I used my Columbus finial along with a basic swag for the outside border. I dropped in a block motif into the cornerstone and did freehand feathers built upon a spine provided by my Intelliquilter while keeping the center portion of the inside border clear so I could extend the diamond frame from the center of the quilt outward.

In the next post I’ll show you more final photos of the diamond frame built on her quilt with the large feather motif that floats in the center of her Amish Sampler. It looks great!

Take a look at the rest of this case study. You can see part 1 here,  part 2 here, this the post for part 3, and part 4 here.

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