Best Friends & Roman Aqueducts

This is my awesome friend, Juliet. I met her my freshman year at Indiana University where we were assigned to the same floor in the dorms. Our dorm was a special-interest dorm, catered to people with international curiosity. We were the dorm for those who enjoyed learning about different cultures and for those who enjoyed international travel. Juliet and I instantly formed a friendship which, I’m delighted to say, is now of legal drinking age! We’ve known each other 21 years.

Best Friends and Roman Aqueducts

This photo is of the two of us on top of a Roman Aqueduct in the south of France just after college. I’m not sure which aqueduct but maybe Juliet remembers. We were very high up and tipsy. We definitely had no business perching on the edge of a centuries old ledge.

Best Friends and Roman Aqueducts

She now has a beautiful baby boy and a handsome Danish husband. I was honored to have been her maid of honor at her wedding in the north of Denmark not far from the Arctic Circle. She recently celebrated her wedding anniversary by moving back to the United States from Japan. Hooray!  It is hard to have your BFF so far away and I’m so very thankful I have her in my life.

Have you guessed that this was another one of my lessons from the Photoshop course I’m taking?  🙂

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