Video: How to Quilt the Starflower Parade Design

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It’s time for another free motion quilting design tutorial! Are you ready for a parade of stars marching along your quilt borders? In this video you’ll learn how to quilt the Starflower Parade border design. Watch the video below to see how to quilt it!

How to Quilt the Starflower Parade Design

The starflower parade design is perfect for your larger borders. In the video, I had a 3” border and I grabbed my favorite marking tool to draw registration lines every four inches. At the center of each of those four inch sections I also added a small tick mark. These tick marks and registration lines will help me keep the starflowers evenly spaced and centered.

This design uses two design elements you’re probably familiar with at this point – bunny hops and loops. Starting at the bottom left corner of your border, quilt a bunny hop towards your center tick mark. Quilt a loop as you approach the center tick mark and bunny hop towards the top left corner. Next, quilt another bunny hop with a loop towards the center. Bunny hop again towards the top right corner. Quilt a final bunny hop and loops towards the center and bunny hop out towards the bottom right corner of your section. Each marked section will have half of a loopy star marching down your border!

Perfect for Spring

The starflower parade border design is so much fun to quilt! It’s easy and repetitive, perfect for some meditative machine quilting. Do you have any quilts that are ready for this design? I think it would look fabulous on a spring floral quilt. Or even in the border of a patriotic quilt! Where would you quilt the starflower parade?

Now It’s Your Turn!

Now that you know how to quilt the starflower parade border design, it’s your turn to give it a try! I would love to see your version of this design. You can share pictures of your quilts with me on the Quilted Joy Facebook page, tag me on Instagram, or join the community in the Quilted Joy Clubhouse!

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