March Renter Quilting Madness!!!

image of Shelley and her Solid Choice Quilt

Spring is finally upon us and it is time to enjoy bright colors and warm weather again… eventually… we hope. We can at least enjoy a little March Renter Quilting Madness with some bright colors in our quilts. So I have a lovely selection on some of the quilts that have come to us this last month. We’ve got some very bright creations and some very creative creations. I am always so inspired by what I see here in the shop. There are a couple of these that are now in my quilting bucket list.

Shelley made a Solid Choice

image of Solid Choice Quilt

This first quilt comes from Shelley. This pattern is called Solid Choice. She found it in the American Professional Quilter Magazine issue 162, Feb. 2020. She made it awhile ago, but didn’t get around to quilting it until now. Using the IntelliQuilter that we have on our APQS Lucey, Shelley was able to find the perfect pattern to put on this top.

image of Shelley and her Solid Choice Quilt

It is called Argyle. Isn’t it lovely. I like the mirrored angles. She is keeping this one. It is the first time she has quilted with the computer. She did a good job.

A Local Gem

image of Gemstone Quilt

The pattern for this one is from a local designer, MJ Kinman. She makes these gorgeous gemstone quilts. The quilt was made by our own Mary Jane and I think she did a phenomenal job of it. This quilt has all the birth stones of one of her children’s family, all the kids and the parents. She is making them for each of her children. We were concerned with what color thread to quilt with it. Black would look great on the background, but would likely disrupt the feel of the stones. Any one color could look poor on the diamond and white would look poor on the background.

We settled on Essence. It is a very thin clear nylon thread that looks a little like fishing line, although much much thinner and therefore softer and flexible. Her quilt fairy was a little nervous about it. She had never quilted with it before, but there were no issues for the entire quilt. It ran beautifully and the results speak for themselves. What lucky kids to be getting such lovely wall hangings.

Lo and Behold, a Deco

image of Deco Quilt

Next up is a quilt from Sheila. She made this pattern called Deco from Lo and Behold Stitchery. This is the baby sized version of the quilt pattern. She thought it was so elegant in its simplicity. But she wanted it bigger. So she got out her graph paper and her calculator and she resized it herself. She quilted it with a pantograph called Calder. It has a nice modern vibe that went well with it. I just love the color and the two tone nature of this quilt. I think it is lovely.

A stash quilt for March Renter Quilting Madness

image of a stash busting half square triangle quilt

This one is a stash quilt. I love the bold colors and scrappiness of it. It was made from scraps from her stash as well as her mother’s stash. All the blocks are made from half square triangles, but every block is different. There is so much you can do with a Half Square Triangle!

image of a stash busting half square triangle quilt

The backing she found here just made her so happy. It is called Cheerful Polka Dot from Windham Fabrics. Isn’t it just perfect for this quilt?! She quilted it with Square Spiral which added a lot of lovely texture to the quilt.

Staying Gold with Ruby Starr

image of Stay Gold Quilt

Finally we come to Erin’s quilt. This was a kit, and it just spoke to her. She knew she had to make it. It is a Ruby Star panel quilt called Stay Gold she got from Stitch Supply Company. She quilted this with Bubbles using the IntelliQuilter on our APQS Lucey. I think it turned out so cute. I love the fun prints from the panel that were put in the center of each block. The colors are also amazing. Erin was able to use a backing from Ruby Star. Their fabric is 100% cotton, but oh so silky to the touch. Just really lovely stuff.

image of Stay Gold Quilt

March was a great month for quilts. March Renter Quilting Madness brought us some bright colors and cheerful designs. I’m looking forward to see what next month will produce. As the weather warms up, many of our quilters will be heading outside to tend to their gardens, but I’m sure we’re still going to see some very lovely things as well. We’d love to see what you’ve been working on as well. Be sure to connect with us on Facebook and Instagram. Sharing our creations can inspire all of us to even greater heights!

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