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Are there any quilting notions or tools that you just can’t live without? Maybe it’s your favorite seam ripper or your sharpest scissors. There are so many helpful sewing notions out there. I thought you might like to know what a few of mine are too! Some of these will change the way you piece, others are just clever and helpful, and some are just fun and make me smile when I use them. Here’s a look at Angela’s Top 10 Notions that I simply LOVE!

image of the Fabric Folding Pen and Fabric Folding Pen Liquid with greenery and colorful fabric on a wood floor background

Fabric Folding Pen

Looking to improve your piecing accuracy? This pen is magic. The solution is a softener that helps seams lay down incredibly flat- even stacked seams! This pen changed how I piece! Plus, since you only use a couple of drops of the solution, it lasts a LONG time!

image of the Thread Stem tool and Glide Thread on a wood floor background

Thread Stem Tool

I love using cones of thread instead of spools. It is so economical! But if you have a sit down domestic sewing machine that won’t accommodate big cones… this simple, inexpensive adapter is what you need to easily feed the thread off a big cone and up into your sewing machine. Simple tool- big results.

image of Hugo's Amazing Tape on a wood floor background

Hugo’s Amazing Tape

This stuff is super helpful in my studio. I use it most often to wrap around thread to tame it so I don’t have a bazillion thread tales running loose in my drawers and shelves.

image of the Alex Anderson 4-in-1 Essential Sewing Tool on a wood floor background

Alex Anderson’s 4-in-1 Essential Sewing Tool

What can’t this thing do?!? It is a seam ripper (in case a friend needs one), a stiletto (for those pointy bits under your needles), a presser (to smush seams down quickly), and a turner (to poke out the corners). So useful!

image of the Ideal Seam Guides and the Ideal Seam Gauge on a wood floor background

Ideal Seam Gauge and Ideal Seam Guides

Figuring out where that dang scant quarter inch is on your machine can be so hard! This tool comes with a seam gauge so you KNOW it is right and it has a seam guide that pops down onto your machine.

image of the Tucker Trimmer on a green cutting mat with colorful batik fabrics and a rotary cutter on a wood floor background

Studio 180 Piecing Rulers

These rulers… I swear by them. I love them all but especially the Tucker Trimmer. It is my most used, most helpful ruler when trimming up my pieced units before sewing the rows together in a block. It has strong diagonal lines for alignment and clear guidelines. I have to contain myself when I see the inventor of these rulers at a quilt show. I’m a HUGE fan girl.

image of Cat Head Pins by Flamingo Toes on a wood floor background

Cat Head Pins

Let me say that again… CAT HEAD PINS!!! Adorable!!!!

image of turquoise zirkel magnetic pin holder on a wood floor background

Zirkel Magnetic Pin Holder

I love how I can flick my pins in the general direction of my Zirkel and the magnet just sucks the pin right in. Plus, when I drop a pin I can wave this over the floor and BOOM- that pin flies right up where it belongs.

image of purple drawing wheels with purple fabric and a marker on a wood floor background

Drawing Wheels

When I’m making design decisions for my quilting plan with rulers, these drawing wheels are incredibly important. You don’t need them for straight edge machine quilting rulers but you do for anything else. When drawing out your quilting plan on paper you’ll use these wheels to add the 1/4″ that the hopping foot adds to a ruler. If you don’t use something like this when playing on paper the ruler you think will work WON’T give you the right size when you take it to the longarm.

image of the Sewline Aqua Eraser Pen on a quilt with a wood floor background

Aqua Eraser Pen

LOVE this thing! You fill it with water and it has a felt top point. It makes removing any registration lines/dots you make with a blue water erasable pen or a purple air erasable pen come out easily. If I have to do significant marking before quilting, then I’ll use a water spray bottle or dunk the quilt. But for the more casual marks/dots/hash marks… this is what I use to remove the marks.

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