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When I decide to make a quilt I always start with a little inspiration. Sometimes that involves checking out my favorite blogs, or websites to see what everyone else is making. Often though, it means walking around my favorite local quilt shops looking for that signature fabric that just speaks to me. You know what I mean. That piece that has all the right colors or a design that makes me laugh. Something that I want to own and work with for a little while. The following quilters know what I mean. They found that fun fabric to make a fun quilt with.

Arctic Wonderland

Peggy's arctic wonderland quilt after quilting it at Quilted Joy

The main fabric in this crib sized quilt is called Arctic Wonderland by Wilmington. This fun fabric has been out for awhile, so I’m not sure where you can find it. Peggy allowed that large print fabric be the main focus by simply adding a few strips of complimentary colors. She quilted this fun quilt with the help of the paper pantograph Turbulence. The swirls do call to mind the winds that blow in those snowy areas.

Nothing but Panel

Peggy's whimsical houses quilt after longarm quilting it at Quilted Joy

Peggy also quilted these two panels to be used as crib sized quilts. I couldn’t find the name of this fabric line, but it is super cute. The bright colors and whimsical houses are fun and cheerful. Peggy felt this didn’t need anything else to make it happier, so she quilted it with Kashmir, a big stylized floral motif. This was a great fun fabric for a fun quilt.

Peggy's whimsical houses quilt after longarm quilting it at Quilted Joy

Everything is better with Dogs

Falicia's dog quilt after longarm quilting it at Quilted Joy

This is another out of print fabric. From what I can tell it is Selfie Squad – Dogs from Elizabeth’s Studio. Falicia is involved in a Golden Retriever rescue and fell in love with the whole line. She made this quilt to be auctioned at a charity event for her rescue. Isn’t it adorable? She quilted it with a design board. Orange Peel is a classic pattern that adds a lot of great texture to a quilt. It worked well with her fun quilt.


Carol's quartered stripe quilt after longarm quilting it at Quilted Joy

This quilt doesn’t really fit the model of the others, but there is only one fun fabric in the middle, with some complimentary colors for the borders. Carol made the Quartered Stripe Quilt pattern from Missouri Star Quilting Company. It uses a striped fabric that you cut very carefully and sew into the blocks you see here. It is quite mesmerizing. She also added to the effect by quilting it with the orange peel design board. The circular quilting adds a lot to all the squares and straight lines.

Carol's quartered stripe quilt after longarm quilting it at Quilted Joy

Fun fabrics can really make some amazingly fun quilts. Next time you are in a fabric store browsing, pay attention to the fabrics that catch your eye the most. There may be a quilt lurking in its depths you’ll enjoy making. Then connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, or in the Quilted Joy Clubhouse. We’d love to see what you’ve been working on.

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