Striking Latticework sets a quilt apart

AnnaMaria's Latticework quilt after quilting it on a longarm machine at Quilted Joy

Many of us have homes that are made of brick or stone. And when you talk about your house or the appearance of that house, we say, it is brick or stone. But it’s not just brick, is it? There is mortar that holds it all together. That mortar is important. You could sew the blocks right to each other, but sashing or lattices can really make a quilt pop. It can also help when your blocks are a little more unique and don’t match each other like they were supposed to. Either way, sashing with cornerstones is a striking component to many quilts.

Betty’s Latticework

Betty shows off her latticework quilt after quilting it on a longarm machine at Quilted Joy

This example of striking latticework is a longarm machine rental certification quilt from Betty. It is not an attic window, but it does have that window effect from matching the fabric in that diamond shape. That high contrast between the bright floral prints and the dark green sashing is dramatic. I love it! She quilted this with a design board. It is a large leafy pattern to compliment the floral leaf design of the fabric she chose. It was a great choice for such a striking quilt.

Anna Maria’s Striking Quilt

AnnaMaria's Latticework quilt after quilting it on a longarm machine at Quilted Joy

The lattice effect in this quilt is beautiful. There is something about quilts with blocks on point that I find really appealing. This one would take a lot of planning. “But it’s random and scrappy” you might say. Look closely. The triangles on either side of the lattice are the same fabric to make it appear to float behind the lattice.

AnnaMaria's Latticework quilt after quilting it on a longarm machine at Quilted Joy

Keeping all those blocks straight to be sure that they all matched up right would not be easy. Anna Maria quilted this with the paper pantograph, Airborne. It is an open feather like design that has a lot of great movement and curves to it.

Jennifer’s Popping Cornerstones

Jennifer's Home Sweet Home Quilt after quilting it at Quilted Joy

This final quilt is from Jennifer. Of course the first thing you notice are the lovely houses with classic blocks in them. The second thing you’ll notice are the words. This was a kit that allowed her to have the bottom line custom created for her. The year was when she was married. This might not be truly striking latticework, but the cornerstones are what really make this pop. I love the bright colors that match the houses so well. She quilted this with the Seamless Paper Pantograh design in white thread. It is so lovely.

One of the beautiful things about quilting is that it is so adjustable. You can find a favorite block, add a simple sashing, wrap it all up in a matching border, and quilt. The combinations are endless. Be sure to share your striking creations with others when you’re done. Everything is always better when shared with others. Happy Quilting!

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