Video Tutorial: How to Quilt the Windy Pebbles Design

How to Quilt the Windy Pebbles Design Quilted Joy Tutorial

In my latest video tutorial for APQS I shared a fun border design with lots of curvy movement. Watch the video below to learn how to quilt the windy pebbles design.

I really love swirling and curling quilting designs. They’re so elegant, romantic, and free flowing. And they’re fun to quilt too! The windy pebbles design really fits nicely into my longarm quilting happy place! 🙂

In the video, I’m quilting the windy pebbles inside a two inch border. And I used a chalk pencil to mark 2 inch spacings. I do think this design could look amazing in a much larger space too!

The design looks a little complicated, but when you break down the elements it’s pretty simple. You start with a deep curl. Then echo the curl to fill in the negative space. As you come back around that curl, add a little pearl or pebble. Then give him a hat!

As you watch the video, you’ll see that I’m talking myself through the windy pebbles design while I quilt. This is for more than just your benefit! When I’m working through a new quilting design, it helps me a lot to talk through the steps of the design. This helps me keep the designs consistent and helps me remember what I’m doing before the muscle memory kicks in. Don’t be afraid to talk yourself through the design. I promise it really does help!

Are you ready to try quilting windy pebbles? I want to see what you create! Share pictures with me over on the Quilted Joy Facebook page or tag me on Instagram!

Happy Quilting!

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