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Animal Panel Quilts

There are some events that you can see coming. The birth of your first grandchild, a wedding of a sibling, or the fiftieth wedding anniversary of your parents are all big events that deserve an extra special gift. Quilts can be those gifts and you will typically have the time to really do something amazing. But there are times when you really don’t get much warning. Do you waste the opportunity to make something beautiful and buy a gift? Or you can try a panel quilt like the following ladies. There are so many truly beautiful panels on the market today. Add a matching border, quilt it, bind it, and you’re done. These can also be a great opportunity to practice a free motion technique you’ve been itching to try. Quick and easy, the panel makes a great gift in a hurry. Take a look at some of the beautiful panel quilts our APQS longarm quilting machine renters quilted recently.

Kathy shows off her birds panel quilt after a longarm machine rental at Quilted Joy

Kathy’s Panel Quilt Gift

Kathy created this panel quilt top by adding multiple borders to it. I like how she used the same fabric for the outer and next inner border, but turned it to run the opposite direction. She chose to quilt it with a paper pantograph pattern called Bolero. We thought it looked a little like worms that the early bird would want to get. This quilt is so bright and cheerful.

Kathy shows off her birds panel quilt after a longarm machine rental at Quilted Joy

JoAnna University of Tennessee Panel Quilt

JoAnna’s Panel Quilt Gift

Here’s one for the sports fan in your life. JoAnna took a couple of days to create this beauty with a University of Tennessee panel in the middle. Can you see the football in the upper left and bottom right corners? There’s even X’s and O’s like for the game play strategy plans! She added a piano key border and everywhere else is just a meander. This would make a great quilt to keep warm at a game, don’t you think?

JoAnna University of Tennessee Panel Quilt

University of Tennessee Panel Quilt

You might notice all the purple marks on JoAnna’s quilt. Quilting those footballs to fit perfectly in her squares would have been a challenge without a guide. She brought in her favorite air erasable marking pen, the purple Marvy marker, to mark the footballs, X’s and O’s, and the mitered corners in the borders for her piano keys.

University of Tennessee Panel Quilt

Animal Panel Quilts

Nancy’s Panel Quilt Gift

Both of these beauties are from Nancy.  What makes these particularly adorable is what you can’t see on the back. These quilts were put on the same dark green leafy backing. They both matched it beautifully even though the tops are vastly different. Because they used the same backing, we put one big 108” wide piece on the APQS Millie longarm machine, and she quilted them both side by side. She had to use the same pantograph for the two, but luckily Airborne looked great on both. It has some very big swirls and gave some gentle movement. Two in the time of one. How easy is that?

Mickey Mouse Panel Quilt

Judy’s Panel Quilt Gift

Who wouldn’t want a Mickey quilt? You just can’t create something like this by piecing the whole thing. This beautiful panel quilt was quilted by Judy. A simple block border really filled it out nicely. She quilted it with the Seamless pantograph. Like Bolero, it is a nice easy meander that covers the quilt. Unlike Bolero, that never crosses itself, Seamless loops around a lot.

Penguin Panel Quilt

Another Nancy’s Panel Quilt Gift

And finally we have Nancy’s creation for a granddaughter who loves penguins. How cute is this? She didn’t even need to add a border as this one came with one already attached. For a girl who loves penguins this is a dream. She quilted this with a simple meander. When you have a top as detailed as this, it’s not necessary to add any additional details or designs. The meander gets the job done.

Quilting can be time consuming. But there are ways around that time constraint if you open your mind to possibilities. There are quilt in a day tricks like strip sets and more. And of course don’t forget the lovely panel!

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