Video Tutorial: Daffodils Quilting Design

image of Video Tutorial: How to Quilt The Daffodils Border

If you’re looking for a sweet floral design for your next baby quilt, you’ll love the Daffodils quilting design! In my latest video tutorial for APQS I’ll walk you through the steps to quilt this adorable little design.

I quilted my daffodils in a 2 inch border or sashing space. If you’re quilting this in a border or sashing, I highly recommend grabbing your favorite chalk pencil and marking a line every few inches. In the video I added a line every two inches so that I created little two inch blocks. I like marking these spaces because it helps me keep the little daffodils the same size. It’s easy to make my daffodils different sizes when I’m in my quilty groove!

Quilting the daffodils quilting design is really very easy. All it requires is a few curves and loops! Take your time with the daffodils. You want to keep your points pointy and your curves smooth. When you come to a corner, go ahead and stop. This will give you time to think about how to turn the daffodils around the mitered corners.

Like many of my other designs, you can easily adjust the daffodils quilting design to fit your quilt. Make it bigger or smaller to fit the size border on your quilt. Or add loops and a meandering line between the daffodils to create an edge to edge design. Wouldn’t the daffodils be a fun way to add a flourish to your meanders? Most importantly, be sure to have fun while you’re quilting!

Do you have the perfect quilt for the daffodils quilting design? I’d love to see this design on your quilt! You can share pictures of your quilting on the Quilted Joy Facebook page or you can tag me on Instagram.

Happy Quilting!

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