Playful and Colorful Renter Quilts!

Judy's Off Centered Around the World Quilt made with half square triangles, quilted at Quilted Joy

A lot of quilts come into this studio, but what really gets everyone “oohing” and “ahhing” tends to be bright and colorful quilts. What can I say, I love color! Quilts are excellent spaces to explore and use color to the extreme. These quilts were chosen for this post because the quilters had some fun with color.

Rhonda's colorful batik sampler quilt, quilted at Quilted Joy

Rhonda made this quilt for a good friend. Just look at how the colors from these batik fabrics blend and contrast to create such an intricate and stunning pattern. Rhonda is actually relatively new to quilting and she is taking it by storm. The backing, Tonga Extra Wide Batik Dream, goes beautifully with the quilt top.

Timeless Treasures Tonga Extra Wide Batik Dream Tonga-B5410-Dream

She had bought the backing previously, but when she came in to quilt, we measured her top and realized it was just a little too short. The extra eight inches we recommend you have on the backings isn’t just for comfort, it can be crucial. As hard as we try, getting big tops on perfectly straight, assuming they are themselves perfectly square, is not easy. A little bit twisted along the top of the quilt can translate to a much bigger gap down at the bottom. There is nothing worse than running off the edge or out of backing fabric before you are done. We recommended that she purchase just a quarter yard more and we’d loan her a sewing machine to stitch it on to her backing. She declined. She liked the fabric so much, she knew she’d use it eventually for a slightly smaller quilt and simply bought a larger piece for this quilt. She quilted it with our Cascade pantograph which looks like puffy clouds, which just added to the dream like quality of the quilt. It turned out amazing. What a lucky friend!

UPDATE: I’ve had lots of people asking about Rhonda’s beautiful quilt wondering what the name of the pattern is. I reached out to Rhonda and she says it’s called Gemstone by Wing and A Prayer Design.

Donna's Around the World Quilt, quilted at Quilted Joy

Donna made this Around the World quilt for her granddaughter out of purples, blues, and greens. The quilt is one big block of well placed fabrics of near solid color. Sewn in strips, this would be an easy one to get confused and misordered. She did a great job. She quilted it with a pantograph called Kashmir. It’s a great design for quilts because of its neutrality. It has a floral look, without being too floral. It really adds an organic movement and design without adding too much femininity to such a classic design.

Vivian's colorful Nine Patch Quilt, quilted at Quilted Joy

Vivian made this fun nine patch blocks with some colorful calico fabrics and white. I like the pattern being continued into the layout of the blocks themselves by adding the white squares every other block. She quilted this piece with an all over meander. It is a simple design that does a great job of quilting without creating an additional design that can distract from some quilt tops. I think it looks great on this top.

Pat's Lattice Baby Quilt, quilted at Quilted Joy

Pat made this beautiful on point solid block quilt in some beautiful, colorful, and vintage styled fabrics. I like how they float on the white background she used not only as the sashing, but the half triangles and borders around the top as well. I think it showcases the variety of colors very well.

Pat's Lattice Baby Quilt, quilted at Quilted Joy

She quilted it with our Funky Fleur De Lys paper pantograph we have in the shop for renters. It gives it some curves and movement while not over doing the flower vibe of the fabrics in this top. It really turned out well.

Judy's Off Centered Around the World Quilt made with half square triangles, quilted at Quilted Joy

Last but not least, we have a quilt by Judy. The blocks for this quilt are actually very simple. They are a large half square triangle of some vibrant batik color and half of solid white fabric. The orientation of the blocks were set for an off centered around the world giving the impression that white bars are sitting on top of a colorful grid of squares.

Judy's Off Centered Around the World Quilt made with half square triangles, quilted at Quilted Joy

She custom quilted this with loops in the white space and swoops from corner to corner in the colorful half squares. The effect is simple and not too busy while adding a lot of delicate detail to her quilt top, an excellent choice and a beautiful job, Judy.

There is a lot of detail that goes into a quilt. Color can be the funnest to play with when planning your next quilt.

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