Quilting with Marianne Fons

Angela Huffman and Marianne Fons on the set of Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting

To all of my Kentucky friends, new episodes of Fon’s & Porter’s Love of Quilting will be back on KET (Kentucky’s local PBS station) this Saturday morning at 11:30am EST.

I had the honor to guest host this episode with Marianne Fons herself. This was the first episode we taped with me as the guest, so I’m sure you can imagine how nervous I was! And then I had to sew in front of Marianne, yikes! Thankfully everything went smoothly and I had an amazing time. And yes, Marianne really is as wonderful and kind as she seems on TV.

In this episode, called Red Between the Lines, Part 1, Marianne and I talk about making medallion style quilts like that gorgeous red and white one you see in the video preview below. There was so much to talk about they broke this up into two episodes. Part 2 will be airing in Kentucky the following Saturday, April 1st on KET at 11:30am. Check out the video below for a preview of the episode.

KET is the PBS station here in Kentucky. If you live in Kentucky and some parts of Indiana and Ohio, you can watch this episode of Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting this Saturday at 11:30am on KET. If you’re not sure where to watch Love of Quilting, or your local PBS station is only airing reruns, check out this blog post from Fons & Porter. They talk about why you might not be seeing new episodes locally and how you can request the show be added to your lineup.

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