Get the Scoop on APQS’ Brand New Scoop Foot!

APQS Scoop Foot

Have you ever quilted a pantograph and found that the edge of the fabric has been flipped back by the foot?  Have you ever caught the edge of an applique element such as a Dresden Plate and gotten the foot sewed into the quilt?  Have you ever bumped into the edge of an applique element when quilting edge-to-edge and not been able to go any further?

Introducing the new APQS Scoop Foot!

APQS Scoop Foot

The newest hopping foot for all APQS machines is the Scoop Foot that will float over seams and intersections with ease. This is the foot that makes pantograph quilting and computerized edge to edge quilting so much easier. This bowl foot won’t flip over the sides of your quilt as you stitch! It will float over large seam intersections without pushing the seams out of alignment, too! Just remember this foot will only work on APQS machines with an interchangeable hopping foot.

I think I might have scared Kerry, our UPS delivery driver, when he brought in the box from APQS because I was jumping for joy when my order of scoop feet arrived! I’ve been waiting for years for a foot like this to come out and I’ve already snagged one for my personal Millie. Doesn’t it look so nice!

APQS Scoop Foot on my Millie - QuiltedJoy.com

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