Strips Become Log Cabins in Surprising Ways

Angela Huffman, APQS dealer, quilts modern and wonky log cabins

We are constantly thinking about the different units that we use in piecing; squares, half square triangles, triangles, rectangles, hexagons, and strips. The poor strip is just that – a strip who hasn’t been made into anything yet! The strip just sits there waiting to be cut up into smaller pieces. Except when the lowly strip is transformed into a log cabin block! The strip is turned and sewn around and around on a square and soon it takes a form on its own. The endless variety of how two strips can become blocks still amazes me.

Angela Huffman at APQS dealer assisted renter Erin with her rinse and repeat quilt, modern log cabin quilt

I love seeing Erin’s modern take on a traditional log cabin design. Can you see that the blocks are made up like a log cabin block? They are then set on point and an additional field of fabric is added to the top and bottom. Erin also uses modern fabric to push it even farther. This fabric is a sample for a new line by designer Anna Maria Horner. Her quilting reflects what a lot of modern longarm quilters are doing, simple straight line quilting. She took advantage of the electronic channel locks on Millie for straight line stitching in the white space. In the printed fabrics, Erin free motion quilted a meandering floral design. If you haven’t checked out Erin’s blog and the exciting things that she is quilting, pop on over!

And if you love the pattern, Erin is now selling it on her website! It’s called Rinse and Repeat and you can find it here.

Angela Huffman, Quilted Joy, helps Erin quilt a modern log cabin. It's from Erin's new pattern Rinse and Repeat.
Angela Huffman at Quilted Joy helped renter LuAnn with this lattice flower garden quilt.

The quilting on LuAnn’s quilt is an all over meander. We of course have a design board with an all over meander, but that really isn’t needed to quilt this design. The main thing you want to keep in mind is the quilting density or how close the quilting lines are together. It’s actually the easiest way to quilt! Some folks are scared of jumping to the front and driving without a design board or pantograph. If you haven’t tried free motion quilting from the front, bring in a panel to quilt for charity. It takes no time at all to meander all over and it will make somebody really happy. It will launch you into a new area of longarm quilting. Really, it’s where all the fun is at!

LuAnn’s quilt is made of an analogous color scheme, which means she used colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. They usually match well and create serene and comfortable designs. Analogous color schemes are often found in nature and are harmonious and pleasing to the eye. This quilt is just that, pleasing to the eye. Can you see the flowers in the large square blocks? The woven sashing reflects the purples and reds that are found in the flowers. LuAnn then picked up a hint of yellow in the flowers which is the complimentary color to purple. This continues the balance of colors in the the quilt.

Angela Huffman at Quilted Joy assisted LuAnn on quilting this wonky log cabin quilt.

LuAnn’s second quilt is a wonky log cabin. I love the non traditional approach to the fall version of this log cabin. The wonky log cabin is easy piecing without a lot of fuss. She started out with an odd square shape of fabric then added a strip to one side. LuAnn continued to add strips around the square until it reached her desired size. She then trimmed the wonky block so that it would be consistent for easy piecing. This is a great way to use up scraps. LuAnn chose her colors carefully. Do the rust and golds remind you of a warm fall day?

This wonky log cabin is made up of sharp angles. Often times when we are choosing a quilting design we choose the opposite of the piecing design. LuAnn decided to soften the angles by using a circular design with the “continuous spiral” design board. “Continuous spiral” offered a balance between the quilting and the piecing.

Angela Huffman, APQS dealer, certified Debbi on APQS machines

Our newest longarm quilter is Debbi. She came in for her rental certification class with this quilt using lots of fun girly princess fabrics. The quilt top is made of strip piecing. What an easy way to get a quilt together fast! This quilt is fit for a little princess to have sweet dreams! Debbi choose the Toss Up pantograph, a fun swirly design with a floral touch. Pantographs are a great way to get a design on your quilt. They provide consistent quilting all over the quilt.

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