Back to School for the Kidlets

My kiddos went back to school yesterday to start their Junior year of high school. I can’t believe they’re already Juniors, can that really be right?! I’m also having trouble believing the summer is already over. Where did the time go?

All three of my kids are members of the National Honor Society and every summer they’re expected to earn a few hours of volunteer work and give back to the community. So, last week GooseyGirl, RocketMan, and BirdMan spent some time in the shop with me making pillowcases for Kosair Children’s Hospital. If you’re looking for a good beginner friendly sewing project, pillowcases are great. They’re a quick and easy project that anyone can do!

GooseyGirl working on her pillowcase for Kosair Children's Hospital

BirdMan working on his pillowcase for Kosair Children's Hospital

RocketMan working on his pillowcase for Kosair Children's Hospital

I have to admit I was a little nervous when we got started. When I was homeschooling my kids, we sewed a lot – it’s a great way to teach math! Now they’re in a great public school, and with all their soccer practices, friends, and other activities they haven’t been able to sew in a long time. But I guess sewing is a lot like riding a bike, you can’t really forget. I was so impressed with how quickly they picked up those skills again, it was like they’ve been sewing all along!

They made a bunch of fun and colorful pillowcases and we hope they’ll brighten up the day for a few kids at Kosair!

BirdMan hiding behind his finished pillowcaseRocketMan's pillowcase looks fantastic!GooseyGirl shows off her finished pillowcase


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