Using Skitch with Evernote to Organize Digital Files (Quilting and Embroidery)

I have about three thousand digital files between my Intelliquilter, my Quilt Path and my embroidery machine. Trying to keep them organized in one spot so I could find what I wanted within seconds was difficult until I started using a free program called Evernote. A while back I made a video showing how I use Evernote to organize my files. I have found that when I batch import a number of files at once, I can get confused. However, when I use a different free program called Skitch along with Evernote, it is much simpler.

I’ve got a video showing how to use them for organization. Don’t think you have to own a longarm quilting machine; I use this with my embroidery files too!

Here’s the video showing how to use Evernote:

Here’s the new video showing how to use Skitch with Evernote:

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