Jennifer’s Pumpkin of the Month Quilt


*The local schools are working on a delay but we are open today, Jan 22* In March of 2013 I decided that I needed to step away from quilting for others. I was doing about 25-30 a month and I was just too frazzled with deadlines. Plus, there were big changes coming my way that I knew would challenge my ability to juggle everything. (Like… opening the Louisville APQS Showroom this past fall)

I’ve recently started quilting for others again on a limited basis.

This quilt top from Jennifer was one of the last quilts I accepted and she waited MONTHS for me to get around to quilting it. She has been incredibly patient and I’m grateful for that. I seriously have the best customers. I can’t wait for her to see her finished quilt. This top was made during a block of the month class she took at one of my local quilt shop gems, The Smocking Shop.

In the large header area I did feathers and curls along with some pebbles for the large pumpkin to sit on.


I did some diamond frames in the four outside corner blocks with ribbon candy in every other corridor. Each applique shape is outlined with a monofilament nylon thread.
The two center blocks have a variation on straight crosshatching and curved crosshatching. The straight crosshatching has some line work in the four corners to add a little somefin’ somefin’.jsunfleur

The bee hive has a cathedral windows curved crosshatching variation to make it look like bees zooming out from the hive.

I used my two new favorite fills in the other blocks. One is based on a hooked on feather combined with a meander.
The other is a palm frond that is fun to do.

I used Hobbs 80/20 batting for this quilt and Jennifer chose a plain, muslin back with Glide thread on my APQS Millennium. The whole quilt was done hand guided.

I used an alternating echoed leaf in the sashings/border but it is hard to see it from the front. Come back to the blog in a couple days and I’ll have the photos of the backside up for you to drool over. 🙂

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