Rock and Roll Guitar Quilt

This is a “first” quilt. It is the first quilt ever made by my client. Didn’t she do a great job?Rock and Roll Guitar Quilt

I am going to assume she used a pattern but I’m not sure that she did. She may have just winged it as a real labor of love for the boy in her life who loves music.


The shapes are all fusible web backed fabric shapes that have been satin stitched around the edges. I should have taken a photo of the backing fabric too. It was all brightly colored guitars.


Do you see the large Ric-Rak adding dimension to the top of this Rock and Roll Guitar Quilt? It was a challenge to work with it because the hopping foot wants to get caught up in it. I do like the effect, though, that it gives to the top.

I really like the abstract border she put on the sides with the circle shapes.

She chose the Symphony edge to edge pattern. Can you see the treble clef, bass clef and notes in the stitching? As a first time quilter, don’t you wonder what she’ll make next? She isn’t afraid to play with colors, shapes, 3D objects and her own style. I’d say she is off to a good start, eh?


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