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Hello. My name is Angela and I am a thread addict.Every color, every kind, every size (well, mostly cones). I adore thread. Opening a box of new thread is like peering into a candy shop.And now (insert drum roll here) I have a beautiful condo for my little thread friends!

For the last few years I’ve been keeping my thread in a plastic rolley cart drawer thingy you can buy at Walmart. Functional but not pretty and it definitely didn’t keep my thread friends looking their best.

Thankfully Craigslist came to my rescue! I found a glass door bookshelf from Home Decorators on my local Craigslist. I zoomed over the the gal’s house who was selling it and was thrilled at how sturdy it turned out to be.

Admire my thread collection with me, will you? I’ve arranged them in ROY G BIV order. However, my whites, creams, eggshells and other neutrals felt like the blues were hogging the spectrum so they got their own section. The bottom two shelves are for varigateds and specialty threads.

Don’t you LOVE it? I can’t believe I had that much thread crammed into drawers. They are so much happier sitting pretty like this in their own little condo. RocketMan told me that it looked like a store display. *sigh* perfection!

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  1. I love your thread collection and the display cabinet. I am building up quite a stock of Superior threads as well. My favourite being so fine. Have you tried Rasant thread. Not sure about Aurifil on my long arm.

  2. I'm sure Rocketman can't be wrong! I have my cone threads for the LA stored inside plastic shoeboxes because I'm out of wall space for shelves, but your photo gave me an idea …

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