PA Extravaganza was great!


I’m back from my trip to Philly to work in the APQS booth at the quilt show. I got to meet so many wonderful people and I enjoyed seeing some magnificent quilts. I worked with Lorraine Harnish in the booth who is a fantastic APQS representative. We had the Intelliquilter mounted on the new Bliss Drive system on a top of the line Millennium. I am so impressed with both the M&M wheels and the Bliss system!

The visitors to our booth must have been impressed too since we had the pleasure of welcoming new quilters into the APQS family! Of course, the IQ got a ton of attention too. It is always fun to me to show someone IQ for the first time. You can see their brains spin and their eyes start to dance.

I was also lucky enough to get to get some hugs from some internet quilty friends. I wish I had time to talk to them more but we were sooooo busy in the booth!  I’m sure they understood, though.

Of course, there were some impressive quilts too. I’ll be posting photos of some of my favs over the next few days.

The photos in this post were from an impressive bird themed quilt that had some really wonderful feathers and background fillers. I loved how the fillers were combined and the interest that adds. I also really loved that the background was pieced and not a solid piece of fabric. That adds dimension and variety that takes the whole quilt to a new level.

I just realized that most of my photos don’t show a wide shot of the quilts. Instead, I took mostly closeups. Oh, well, I suppose you can tell what I find interesting, eh?

I also have some customer quilts to share with you. This quilt is Linda’s Garden Twist. The piecing gives the lattice look for her large floral fabric. She chose an all over, edge to edge that looks great on her quilt.

I’ve also included a tshirt quilt I did recently that is going to be used by a local Unitarian Universalist church. It was fun seeing the different shirts my favorite was this one.

Finally, Oskar is really growing FAST. He is still adorable, of course. He loves to sleep on his back in the roadkill position for some reason. I got him a brown curvy scratch toy thing at Target that he loves. Here’s a shot of him napping away. Isn’t he cute?


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  1. I wasn't able to come out to the show but am glad you had a great time and got to see lots of folks. So how would you rate the Philly airport by comparison to Harrisburg? LOL Worlds apart huh?

  2. Howdy, I couldn't believe the size of that airport! Sometimes I think I live in a decent sized town but then I go to places like Philly and realize I'm in a tiny corner of the world. 🙂 I wish I could have gotten a hug from you too!

    And, Sandy…… I'm going to have to figure out a way to pack you in my suitcase so you can go to these quilt shows up north with me. They are FUN! 🙂

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