Intelliquilter Mounted On APQS Bliss Frame

At the PA Quilt Extravaganza we debuted the Intelliquilter (IQ) mounted on an APQS Bliss Frame. The best thing about this setup is that it the user will not loose any of the table length to the motors on Bliss. This is because it is riding the rail just below the Bliss carriage.

I have to say that the Bliss drive system that APQS has developed is phenomenal. I am so impressed with how well it moves the machine and since the heaviest APQS machine is only 49 pounds, it just floats!

For those who don’t know, Bliss is the new carriage/drive system that APQS has developed which gets rid of the wheels on the X axis. The only wheels now are on the machine and those are the brand new “M&M” wheels which have bearings inside which give a smooth easy glide to the front/back motion of the machine.

The Bliss setup is incredibly sensitive. While setting up the show we discovered we had neglected to bring a big enough level to ensure the table was perfectly level. With Bliss, every slight adjustment made to the legs of the table would be revealed in the movement of the Bliss carriage. Once we had adjusted the table to the point where the Bliss was perfectly still, we knew it was level!  Isn’t that funny?  The Bliss is so incredibly balanced that it is obvious when your table isn’t perfectly aligned.

If you haven’t had a chance to try the Bliss system, stop by an APQS booth at your next quilt show and see how incredible it is! And of course I had to include a picture of little Oskar. Here he is sleeping on Gooseygirl’s pillow with her fuzzy blanket covering him up. Yes, he is spoiled rotten.

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  1. Beryl,
    Do you mean you currently own IQ on a standard APQS frame and are upgrading your frame to a Bliss? Or do you mean you are looking to purchase IQ and Bliss?

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