Drop Dead Gorgeous Quilt by Claudia Pfeil

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Have you seen one of Claudia Pfeil’s amazing works of art? When I grow up I want to have one tenth of the talent she has! Claudia uses

Claudia5 She lives in Germany and is a rep for American Professional Quilting System (APQS).  I would love to meet her and I hope some day to take a class from her.

PA Claudia2

While in Philly I got to see this drop dead gorgeous quilt she made. It is covered in tiny crystals so the whole thing catches the light in a beautiful way. She calls this quilt Fire and Ice. Isn’t that a perfect title?

PA Claudia1I had seen this quilt online but never in person. I’m so impressed with her creativity! In fact, while I was working the APQS booth in Philly one lady came up and told me that she was friends with Claudia and that Claudia had told her that if she bought a Lenni from her, she’d come to the US to set it up. I asked her what the heck she was waiting on !

PA Claudia3

PA Claudia7

I got a ton of closeups of this quilt because I just loved her feathers. Look closely, she used a curl for the feathers that don’t cross each other and then echoed around the outside of the curls to give it the illusion of the typical feather shape. Isn’t that awesome? PA Claudia5

I loved the pebble variation she used too. Sometimes pebbles can be really unforgiving and I love how she added the little curl inside the pebbles to give them some definition.

PA Claudia4

Of course, I’m always in love with flying geese that are used in a curvy stream for the piecing. You can certainly feel the heat off those flames, eh?

I find that I’m really drawn to quilts that use more then one background fabric behind the appliques. I love how it gives a great depth to the quilt. PA Claudia6

The black and white checkerboard is so striking as a border and I wish I had a quilt this fantastic hanging in my house!

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