Linda’s Log Cabin Polka Quilt

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Linda was one of my very first customers. She is such a vivacious soul who shares my love of bright, fun, funky fabrics. Take a look at her contemporary log cabin.

Funky and Modern Log Cabin Quilt with Spiky Spiral Panto, quilting by Angela Huffman -

Isn’t it great? RocketMan has declared that this quilt is his absolute favorite quilt of any of my clients so far.

Funky and Modern Log Cabin Quilt with Spiky Spiral Panto, quilting by Angela Huffman -

The pattern is Log Cabin Polka by Bella Nonna studios. I used a Lime Green Sew Fine in the top and Bottom Line in the bobbin. The panto is from Jessica Schick and is called Spiky Spiral. 

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  1. Hi,
    I have seen your comments on my blog this weekend. Honestly, how much different would a Millinium feel set up on a frame in my home versus one from a road show? The one I tested yesterday at the road show and 2 months ago was not smooth, I had a hard time making circles versus rounded squares, etc.

    Just curious…I have a very good road show deal expiring tomorrow~

  2. Hey, Supermom!
    I just sent you an email going into detail about the ability to adjust the horizontal wheels on a Millennium. That feature allows each individual quilter to make their Mille either glide like ice or have some resistance. The difficulty with a demo setup is that you have to put the machine in the middle of the range in hopes of appealing to as many different quilting styles as possible. It sounds like you'd rather have your wheels as far away from the rails as possible so it feels like moving through melted butter. Each quilter is different and a Mille lets each quilter adjust their wheels however they feel comfortable. Cool, eh? I included more yakin' in my email to you. Thanks for stopping by!

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