KY State Fair Ribbons for the Whole Family!

GooseyGirl's pastel drawing on display at the KY state fair - QuiltedJoy.comTonight we went to the KY State Fair to check on our entries! I even had a dream last night about the State Fair (what a geek, eh?)

The first entry we checked was GooseyGirl’s pastel bird drawing. She drew an oriole. The drawing itself didn’t win a ribbon but it is in a very high profile place where thousands of people will walk past during the course of the fair. She was disappointed, but I was so proud of her for entering. I think it is a fabulous drawing!

BirdMan and RocketMan at the KY State Fair with their ribbon winning entries! -
Honorable mention ribbons for BirdMan and RocketMan! -

Next we hunted down RocketMan and BirdMan’s Stuffed Animals. They each made a bird and guess what?!?  They BOTH got an Honorable Mention ribbon!  Hooray!  We were so excited and they were really proud. Just think of how many people enter things who don’t get a ribbon at all. Way to go boys!

Honorable mention ribbons for BirdMan and RocketMan! -
GooseyGirl's tote won a second place ribbon at the KY State Fair! -

We searched and searched for GooseyGirl’s tote bag.  When we found it I started jumping up and down. She got a red, second place ribbon!!  I’m pretty sure the kids were a bit embarrassed as I squealed with excitement among all the people there. This photo of her is so precious. Can you see her eyes dancing with joy?

GooseyGirl with her ribbon winning tote at the KY State Fair -

Finally, we found my single entry. It is the Jubilee Tree quilt which is based on a panel and I designed the pattern. I had to put my entry in the Professional category and since I did a machine binding front/back, I didn’t think it was going to win anything.  Boy was I surprised and THRILLED!

Jubilee Tree, pieced and quilted by Angela Huffman, won third place at the KY State Fair - QuiltedJoy.comJubilee Tree, pieced and quilted by Angela Huffman, won third place at the KY State Fair -

So…. One Fair. Four Entrants. Four Ribbons!

Woot woot!


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