Photoshop Lessons Continued + Bonus Project

Time for lesson 5 of the Photoshop class I’ve been taking. I gotta tell you, I just don’t see myself using this skill at all. We learned how to use clipping masks and add textures to photos. I don’t think it is my style.

First, I picked a photo from Vienna of a bust with this cool bird a top his head. During my last trip to Europe, I spent a lot of time photographing birds for my son (who loves birds). Anyway, the building this bust was in front of had a lot of chipping paint so I thought the photo would stand up to being textured in Photoshop.

Playing with clipping masks - before

Now, here’s the finished photo. It has a film overlay, brown paper texture and a grunge soft light texture. I also dinked with the color saturation. Kinda cool I guess, but I don’t know how I’d use something like this.

playing with clipping masks: after

Then it was time for the bonus lesson. This time I took one of my favorite GooseyGirl photos ever. She is in her excer-saucer and has on this silly hat Grandma found for her. The mittens were safety pinned to the hat so it sort of looks like she has one of those ear flap Fargo hats.

playing with clipping masks: before

Now here it is with a frame, clipping masks, and textures. Kinda cool, eh?

playing with clipping masks: after

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