Dog Daze Fetch Bones Dirt Fabric Yardage

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Item/ Color #: 20844-18
Part of the Dog Daze Collection by Stacy Iest Hsu for Moda
100% cotton, approximately 44″ wide
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Once upon a time, in a magical realm where dogs roamed freely, there was a fabric known as Dog Daze Fetch Bones Dirt. Crafted by the talented Stacy Iest Hsu for Moda, it possessed an enchanting allure that captured the essence of playful pooches. Against a misty grey backdrop, tiny white dog bones were delicately scattered like precious treasures awaiting discovery.

In this wondrous textile, each bone whispered tales of thrilling quests and loyal companionship. They held the promise of joyful fetches in sun-kissed meadows and delightful moments of bonding between human and furry friend. The grey background mirrored the untrodden paths of mystical forests, where secrets were hidden beneath fallen leaves.

With every yard of Dog Daze Fetch Bones Dirt, a touch of magic was bestowed upon those who held it. It held the power to transform into cozy blankets, where dreams of wagging tails and puppy snuggles came to life. It inspired whimsical garments, the color of foggy mornings, that carried with them the spirit of furry adventures.

This 100% cotton fabric was a gateway to a world where friendship thrived, and where the bonds between humans and their loyal companions grew stronger. It was a true testament to the wonders that could be woven within a simple piece of cloth, reminding all who beheld it of the timeless joy and love that dogs brought to our lives.

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