Dream Horses 3 24″ x 44″ Fabric Panel


Item/ Color #: 7475PS-77

Part of the Dream Horses Collection by the design house of Nancy Smith for Studio E

100% cotton, approximately 44″ wide

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In a realm where dreams intertwine with reality, behold the enchanting masterpiece known as “Dream Horses 3 Navy Fabric Panel.” From the whimsical loom of the illustrious Nancy Smith Collection for Studio E emerges a tapestry of wonder, measuring 24″ x 44″. Within this mystic expanse, a trio of noble steeds materialize, each an embodiment of ethereal grace. Captured in window panes of 11.25″ x 21.25″, their forms dance with elegance and vitality. The first horse, a majestic hue of deep sapphire, exudes strength and wisdom. Beside it, a verdant creature evokes nature’s serenity, its emerald coat a testament to life’s harmonious rhythm. Completing this spectral trinity, a horse of teal resonates with boundless imagination, a conduit between worlds. Together, they weave a tale of dreams and reverie, inviting all who gaze upon them to embrace the magic within and beyond.

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