All Big Things Start Small Baby Animals Book Fabric Panel 36″ x 44″


Item/ Color #: 7325PS-44

Part of the All Big Things Start Small Collection by Beth Reed Designs for Studio E

100% cotton, approximately 44″ wide

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In the heart of an enchanted jungle, a wondrous tale unfurls within the fabric realms of “All Big Things Start Small Multi Baby Animals Book.” Crafted by the visionary Beth Reed Designs for Studio E, this 36″ x 44″ panel is a portal to a world where tiny footprints pave the path to grand adventures. Amidst the lush foliage, a menagerie of baby animals emerges, each a testament to nature’s marvels. A lion cub, with its golden mane yet to bloom, embodies courage in its innocence. A mischievous monkey dangles from a branch, its laughter echoing through emerald canopies. Beneath a leafy canopy, a baby elephant takes its tentative steps, promising strength as vast as the ancient trees. These jungle darlings, stitched into this fabric narrative, remind us that even the mightiest legacies embark upon their journeys from the smallest beginnings, sparking wonder in every stitch and whispering tales of the wild to the hearts of all who behold.

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