Bloom Teal 108″ Wide Quilt Backing Fabric

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Item/ Color #: 13517W-86
Boughs of Beauty collection designed by Kanvas Studio for Benartex

100% cotton, 108″ wide

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Step into a realm where nature’s grandeur is painted with hues of enchantment. Behold the extraordinary Bloom Teal 108″ Wide Quilt Backing Fabric, a treasure from the mystical Frolic Collection by the visionary Amanda Murphy for Benartex. In this ethereal tapestry, a colossal teal flower emerges from the depths of darkness, its petals unfurling like delicate wings of a celestial creature. Against the backdrop of inky black, this floral marvel commands attention, its vibrant teal hue radiating an otherworldly luminescence. Each intricate detail holds the secrets of ancient magic, whispering tales of forgotten realms and untold wonders. As you caress the fabric, you feel a surge of mystical energy, as if the very essence of nature courses through your fingertips. Let this spellbinding fabric be your portal to a world where imagination blooms, where creativity flourishes, and where the extraordinary comes to life. With each stitch, you weave a tapestry of dreams, breathing life into a quilt that captures the essence of magical beauty.

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