Babykitty Litter White 108″ Wide 3 Yard Quilt Fabric Back Pack


Item/Color #: ST-DPJ3000BABYKITTY

Kitty Litter designed by the Pammie Jane Collection for Dear Stella

100% cotton, 108″ wide
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If you’re not sure how much fabric you need for your quilt backing, this 3 yard quilt back pack is the perfect option! This fabric will measure 108″ x 108″ and is the perfect size backing fabric for most quilts. Or click here to order Babykitty Litter White 108″ Wide Quilt Backing Fabric by the Yard.
Babykitty Litter White 108″ 3 Yard Quilt Fabric Back Pack

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In a realm where dreams interlace with reality, a fabric tale unfolds, woven by the enchanting hands of Pammie Jean and the Dear Stella Collection. Imagine a canvas of purest white, a glistening tapestry that spans an astonishing 108 inches wide. Upon this ethereal expanse, a magical scene unfurls – dainty cat heads, kissed by hues of peach, pink, blue, green, and yellow, frolic in celestial dance. Stars twinkle and swirl like mischievous fireflies, illuminating a realm of whimsy. Amidst this delicate symphony, ditsy prints flutter like whispered secrets, whispering tales of moonlit meadows and twilight reveries. The Babykitty Litter White quilt backing fabric is a portal to a fairyland where feline wonders and celestial enchantments unite, igniting the imagination and casting a spell of timeless delight.

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